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Andreas by Ruhe The first part of Andreas Barella's education has been humanistic. He studied English literature and linguistics and Italian literature and linguistics at Zürich University (1988-1994). From 1994 to 1998 he wrote a Ph.D. for Zürich University on philosophical influences in the work of Samuel Beckett. In 1999 he published his first book A Language of the Unknown. Influence and Composition in the Work of Samuel Beckett. You can read it here.

The second part of his education - the experiential part - consists of the Scuola di psicoterapia integrata directed in Lugano by Dr. Med. Romano Daguet (1999-2002), and the Advanced Training of the School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching of San Francisco, directed by Paul Rebillot (Frankfurt Am Main, 2003-2005).

Between 2003 and 2010 he has assisted Paul Rebillot at his School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching (European Branch). He leads classes, workshops and supervisions in several psychoterapy schools and post-doc institutions. He has written three books and edited the Italian version of Paul Rebillot's The Hero's Journey. You find his bibliography here. (in Italian)

Andreas BarellaSince 2003 he helps people in his office in Mendrisio (Switzerland) and coaches senior managers and their teams around the world. He leads workshops in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and the US. He works in collaboration with many institutions, e.g. Corsi per Adulti of the Dipartimento dell'educazione della cultura e dello sport del Canton Ticino (DECS), Organizzazione Sociopsichiatrica Cantonale (OSC), Alta Scuola Pedagogica in Locarno (ASP), Istituto Universitario Federale per la Formazione Professionale in Lugano (IUFFP), Divisione della formazione professionale del DECS, Dipartimento della Sanità e della Socialità del Canton Ticino (DSS), WWF Switzerland, Iniziativa delle Alpi, Fondazione OTAF, Centro di studi naturali e prevenzione Alchemilla in Balerna, Radio e Televisione svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI), Associazione Ticinese Famiglie Affidatarie (ATFA), the newspaper la Regione.

Above: Barnaby Ruhe, "Andreas's Greek Soul", New York 2015


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