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Andreas Barella - Be simple and RichBE SIMPLE AND RICH is our motto. It is what we wish you for your life! Let us explain what we mean and how this motto applies to Andreas Barella’s work.


Andreas has the gift of letting complicated things become simple (“They seem complicated, they are actually not,” he would say.) He helps people without oversimplifying their personal experience, and considering the influence old mechanisms have had on their past and present existence. In order to improve people’s way of approaching life, he works on language and its relationship with how the brain works, on how people represent (often in an unsatisfactory way) the world they live in, and on how the body creates the moods people feel. In the first part of his work, Andreas works on limiting mechanisms, transforming them in extraordinary tools we all can apply to develop efficiently our thoughts and feelings, and consequently our reality.


Whoever has worked with Andreas appreciates his capability to add value to the personal experience of each individual, often using myths and the deep archetypal power of those ancient stories that root themselves in the human psyche. In the second part of his work, Andreas helps people to understand and develop their connection with that power. To work with myth means to leave momentarily daily reality in order to make a journey inside the psyche. In this trip each individual contacts his or her unconscious part in order to come back enriched. It is a circular and cyclic movement: in some way people free themselves from the system of belief that regulates their life, they get in contact with the mysteries of the psyche which can lead towards a knowledge of the world's soul, and then they return from their journey with the goal of enriching and changing the status where they live and work.


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